Previous Events

21st January 2021

Jacqueline Perry QC spoke about 'Covid - The Lagal Fallout'


25th November 2020

Ros Wright QC spoke about 'Jewish Women - Legal Pioneers in the Law'



15th October 2020

Lord Mann and Dame Louise Ellman spoke on zoom about 'Antisemitism in British Politics Today'.



13thJanuary 2020

We held a joint talk together with Techbar and were honoured to have Sir Terence Etherton speak on "Master of the Rolls - work, responsibilities and the Jewish Connection"


20th November 2019

We held our annual joint talk together with the Associato of Muslim Lawyers and Sarah Anticoni talked about 'Religious education and the attitude of family courts'.


11th September 2019

Cressida Dick talked about the Metropolitan Police approach to hate crime, knife attacks and cybercrime.


22nd July 2019

Professor Ira Katznelson discussed'Parliamentary Lawmaking and the Jews - Historical Reflections.'

27th June 2019

Marie van der Zyl - the President of the Board of Deputies discussed 'Being Jewish in the Age of Human Rights'.


5th February 2019

Lindsay Simmonds chaired a discussion by Rabba Smith and Rabbi Sybil Sheridan on 'The Future Role of Female Rabbis'.

5th November 2018

A Joint talk with the Association of Muslim Lawyers

Lady Justice Simler (on behalf of the  UKAJLJ)  and Tariq Sadiq, a barrister, (on behalf of the AML) gave us an interesting insight into complexes of 'Religion in the Workplace'.

9th July 2018

Lord Neuberger of Abootsbury gave a fascinating insight into 'My Time as Judge and Justice'.

26th April 2018

Dayan Yehonoson Hool and David Wolfson QC co-hosted a talk about the interface between the Beth Din and commercial arbitration.

29th January 2018

The Rt. Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, entertained a very large audience by giving a talk entitled ‘The Speaker, Parliament and Engaging with the Modern Democracy’. 

6th December 2017

Renae Satterley, the Librarian at Middle Temple Library, gave an illustrated talk on their collection of 16th & 17th books of Jewish laws and customs. The proceeds were donated to the Library to be put towards the cost of the restoration of one of their books.

8th October 2017

Gerald Adler (the making of the Balfour D.)
Malcolm Shaw (the Balfour D. and the Palestine Mandate: What did they mean then and what do they mean now)
Guglielmo Verdirame with Natasha Hausdorff (the legal status of Jerusalem)

The Balfour Declaration of 6th November 1917Joint event with UKAJLJ, UKLFI, ZF-UK, IAJLJ

4th April 2017

Ismet P. Rawat, Dr Simon Hochhauser, Mr Irfan Halim MBBS FRCS MSc GDL DIC, Professor David Katz 

Religious Practices in the Modern World: Circumcision


A pre-Chanukah Reception, with short Talk by Roger Lyons (first Jewish President of the TUC).



Sir Michael Burton

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Judge: The work of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal


Judge Philip Marcus

The Israeli Family Court: Achievements, Challenges & Comparisons with England & Wales.



Faeeza Vaid, David Frei, Mufti Amanullah, Deanna Levene (see her notes here).

Religious Practices in the modern world: Divorce

A Discussion Forum with the Association of Muslim Lawyers


Peter Lewis - CPS,   Daniel Stone - BoD



Jago Russell of

Fair Trials Abroad


Henry Grunwald OBE & Imam Ajmal Masroor

Religious Practices in the modern world: Food

A Discussion Forum with the Association of Muslim Lawyers



The Right Honourable Lord John Dyson MR

A social event to mark Lord Dyson’s election to Master of the Rolls in 2012



Dame Rosalyn Higgins DBE QC

The challenges of the Presidency of the International Court of Justice



Jonathan Fisher QC

Does the Judeo-Christian tradition continue to influence legal thinking in the West?



HH Geoffrey Rivlin QC

A life in the criminal law



Michael Caplan QC

Should the UK be a safe haven for those accused of crimes of universal jurisdiction?



Sir Louis Blom-Cooper

Trials without Jury for Serious & Complex Fraud Cases



Dayan Ivan Binstock & Mr David Frei

English Law & Jewish Law



Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury

Privacy in the 21st Century



Rosalind Wright CB QC

My Life in Fraud



"Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland"

Challenges of Preserving Memory while rebuilding a Community - Rebuilding & Protection of the Jewish Community in Poland



Baroness Julia Neuberger

Tricky Issues in the House of Lords



Prof Sir Ian Kennedy

Confessions of a Regulator



Anthony Julius

Anti Semitism and The Law



Lord Justice Etherton

"Religion, the Rule of Law & Democracy"



The Hon Mr Justice Burton

Gore: A Convenient or Inconvenient Judgment



"Rabbis Eli Pink, Dovid Katz & Yaron Jacobs"

Medicine & Morals (in conjunction with the Jewish Learning Institute)



Judge Jonathan Lewis

Judicial Impartiality: The Helow Case



Lord Justice Rix

A Private Tour of The Jewish Museum, London, inc a Talk by Lord Justice Rix about his career in the Law.



His Excellency Ron Prosor, Yaffa Zilbershats, Irit Kohn, Daniel Shek, Gerald Steinberg, Michael Caplan, Malcolm Shaw, Ann Bayefsky, Robbie Sabel, Jonathan Rynhold, Anthony Julius, Daphne Barak Erez, Hadassa Ben Itto, Paul Bew, Lord Peter Goldsmith, Irwin Cotler

CONFERENCE: Democratic & Legal Norms in the Age of Terror (in conjunction with the Israel Association of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists)



Prof. Gerald Adler

Problems in the Application of the Principle of Proportionality in Preventing, Defending & Responding to Armed Attack



Oliver Letwin MP

Restoring the Balance of Freedom & Accountability



Mari Reid & Mike Whine

Inciting Racial Hatred  



Prof. Graham Zellick

Miscarriages of Justice



Lord Justice Dyson

What is Wrong with Human Rights 




Bloch Concert



Lord Collins

Reminiscences of German Refugee Jewish International Lawyers



Lord Justice Rix

Jewish Law & English Law



Lord Neuberger

Human Rights 8 Years On

Dayan Yehonoson Hool and David Wolfson QC co-hosted a talk about the interface between the Beth Din and commercial arbitration.